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Originally a gold-rush town, it is still surrounded by the remnants of abandoned mines. And  is now a center for industry and commerce. The booming industrial sector has caused the population of this old town to double in the last decade. Accommodation in this town is of international standards and it is close to some of Botswana's most fascinating sights, like the Salt Pans and the Tuli Block.


  • Francistown used to be a gold mining town and many of the abandoned mines are still there today. 

  • Beyond its borders to the South you will find the Tuli Block which consists mainly of Wildlife Reserves and offer many guided walks with Tswana rangers who will show you various Bushmen sites and paintings. 

  • Next door to Francistown to the West is are the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans which is a white sparkling mystery in the Kalahari Dessert with many fossil sights and ancient Bushman remnants. 


  • Game Viewing & Bird Watching: Although the town itself does not offer much wildlife, the Tuli Block nearby is fast becoming a favourite spot for game viewing. And the Makgadikgadi Pans is an oasis of colour during the wet season when it attracts flocks of migrant flamingoes and many other species. 

  • Historic Trails: In the Tuli Block and Salt Pan area, Bushmen trackers will take you on guided walks to historical sites and teach you about the connection between their ancient culture and the natural environment. 

  • 4 Wheel Drive Excursions: One the most fun and popular activities in the Salt Pan area. Venture into the more remote sites in the impenetrable salt pans on 4WD bikes to explore this fascinating piece of land.