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Along the northern banks of the Limpopo River, the Tuli Block has a rugged and striking landscape which extends over various ecosystems such as riverine woodland, dry, rocky plains, scrub and savannah grasslands. A place of bushman paintings and dinosaur fossils, and littered with ancient ruins and implements from a forgotten and now dead era in time. Made up mostly of private, protected wildlife areas, the scenery and the game and birdlife in the Tuli Block make for a memorable trip.


  • The Tuli Block is an area made up mostly of Wildlife Reserves. 

  • It is also a well-known area for historical sites such as bushman paintings, cattle kraals and dinosaur fossils. 

  • The diverse landscape offers many interesting sights such as various forms of fauna and flora as well as wildlife and bird species. The accommodation establishments in this area usually offer guided tours with Tswana trackers to show these sights. 


  • Game Viewing & Bird Watching: Game viewing in this area is fast becoming one of the more preferred locations in Africa. It offers a variety of wildlife to be seen, not as dense as northern Botswana, but still breathtaking. Bird watching is a pleasure as there is never a shortage of colours and shapes. 

  • Historic Trails: Tswana trackers will take you on guided walks to historical sites and teach you about the connection between their ancient culture and the natural environment. 

  • 4 X 4'ing
    This rugged terrain is a 4 X 4 enthusiasts paradise, there are many impenetrable places to explore and things to see.

Stevensford Game Ranch
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