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In the far north corner of the country, it is well-known for its large concentration of wildlife in such a small area, especially the impressive herds of elephant who are often seen practicing their playful antics in the Chobe river. It covers various types of terrain, therefore attracting a large diversity of wildlife and bird species. Although a very popular tourist area, there are not many camps and lodges, so the visitor can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the awe inspiring wildlife in peace and tranquility. 


  • Although you are in one of the great attractions of Botswana already, you have the Chobe and the Maikaelelo Forest Reserves nearby. 

  • In the northern corner, you will find the popular little town of Kasane 

  • The Moremi Wildlife Reserve and The Okavango Delta. 

  • If you want to cross borders, you can take a trip to one of the World Heritage Sights, '"Victoria Falls" in Zimbabwe. 


  • Game viewing in this National Park is one of the best left in Africa. Experience the sight of large herds of elephant converge on the Chobe River to drink and play. Watch the wild cats catch their prey or revel in the beauty of the numerous colourful bird species that flock to the waters or the grass plains in the search of food. 

  • Sunset cruises on the Chobe River is a favourite activity for travellers, and a perfect opportunity to spot the more shy animals and predators that prefer the night. as well as day time river-boat trips in small engine-driven boats to watch herds of wild beasts make their way to the water.

  • Experience the beauty and diversity of this mysterious piece of "heaven-on-earth" from the unobstructed view of a light aircraft. Many Air Charters operating from Maun will be able to assist you. 

  • Fishing in the Chobe River is a fisherman's dream, of the many species resident in the waters, the favourite for fishing is the Tiger Fish. Be sure to inform yourself of any rules and regulations that may be applicable to fishing in the area.