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Set within the boundries of the Chobe National Park, it is a unique area which was once the home of the traditional tribe people - the bushmen. Their paintings can still be seen in many places in the Savuti Channel. It lies within the Madabe Depression which was once a very dry area. It is well-known for its great prides of lion and hyena, which are common sights in this area, unlike other game viewing spots in Southern Africa. Th Savuti Channel, although a temperamental water source - sometimes dry, at other times flooding -  feeds this area and is responsible for its grasslands and large concentration of wildlife.


  • The Savuti Channel lies within the Chobe National Park, which is well known for its spectacular game viewing, in this area, the large prides of lion is the main attraction. 

  • There is also the Chobe Forest Reserve to the north of this area, which is home to the more shy animals

  • The Bushman Paintings Hill where the well preserved paintings of an ancient people still tell the stories of their life and struggles. 


  • Game Viewing and Bird Watching - This dry, and occasionally wet area  is home to large prides of lion, hyena and wild dogs, and spectacular zebra migrations. The rain season also bring migrant birds of varying colours and sizes.