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The gateway to the Okavango Dela, and having offices of many air-charters and safari operators, it has grown from a small rural town to a busy, tourist area but still retains its rural African atmosphere. You may spot the odd tribesman selling his cattle or game grazing along the banks of the Thamalakane River which the town borders on. You can enjoy a great shopping experience of great diversity as there are modern shops as well as local people selling their wares along the streets. The perfect place to make last minute arrangements and stock up on supplies you might need. 


  • The Okavango Delta right next door

  • The Moremi Wildlife Reserve

  • The Makgadikgadi Pans Nature Reserve to the South. 

  • The Gcwihaba Caverns near to the Namibian Border in a very remote, desolate area. 


  • Game Viewing and Bird Watching - You can experience the best  of wild and bird life in the Okavango Delta as there is an abundance  and a large diversity of both to be found there as well as in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, where rare wild dogs is said to be a privileged sighting.

  • Mokoro Trips - Also in the Okavango Delta, you wont find a shortage of "mokoro's", the local peoples traditional dug-out canoes to take a scenic trip down the waterways. 

  • 4 x 4'ing - As Botswana is the 4x4 drivers paradise, you wont find a lack of trails, explored or yet unexplored. Maun is the best place to prepare for your trip. Shakawe Fishing Camp can help you with your 4 x 4 needs. 

  • Flying - Maun is the home to many air charters offering their services to take you to your remote destination or to give you a ride of your life over the varying picturesque landscapes and ecosystems of Botswana.