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Covering various different habitats, such as reed beds, wetlands, savannah woodland and forests, it is no wonder that Moremi is Botswana's trophy area. Not to mention the diverse wild and bird life that its different habitats bring. During the dry season, the game viewing is at its best as wildlife is so abundant its difficult not to spot every species in one day. It is also the first reserve to be declared by its own people on their own land. Rich in wildlife, beautiful and diverse in its scenery, Moremi can be explored by plane, 4 x 4 or foot, either way, its an experience that will be close to the travellers heart forever. 


  • The Tsodilo Hill

  • Rock paintings

  • Drotsky's Cave

  • The Chobe Forest Reserve in the North

  • The Chobe National Park

  • The Okavango Delta

  • Gcoha and Gubatsha Hills. 


  • Ballooning Experience the awesome sight of vast savannahs, smooth desert and marshy grasslands from the best vantage point - the air. Balloon expeditions take place at the Chobe Chilwero Lodge. 

  • Horse Riding The Okavango Horse Safaris group can arrange a breathtaking ride among the wild beasts of Africa. 

  • Flying The next best thing to ballooning, explore this wonderous and mysterious land from the air where you can't miss a thing. Various air charters you can contact are: Air Botswana Air Charters, Executive Charter, Aer Kavango, Elgon Air, Kwena Air and Okavango Air Services.

  • Game Viewing, Bird Watching

  • Fishing You wont need to go far to find a spot for any of these activities, Botswana is just one big game viewing, bird watching, fishing paradise!! Moremi is well-known for its magnificent game viewing, especially of rare wild dogs. 

  • 4 x 4 'ing Hire one and do it yourself, or join a guide on a planned trip, whichever way, you have to experience some of the most challenging trails on land. Shakawe Fishing Camp specialises in the rental of 4 x 4's.