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This reserve, founded in 1961, was set up to protect and provide a home for the few remaining indigenous people of Botswana - the San, or Bushman, so that they may thrive and survive in their natural environment! This sandy reserve is one of the most unspoilt areas in Africa and was only recently opened to the public. It is made up of white, sparkling salt pans and shimmering grass with a few mopane, camel-thorn and Kalahari apple tress dotting the flat grass plains. A dusty old water course which ran strong 16 000 years ago - now known as Deception Valley is the prime game viewing area in this reserve. During the dry season, man and animal seek out tsamma melons and gemsbok cucumbers to provide them with water. 


  • Other than the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, you will find the Khutse Game Reserve and Mabuasehuba. 

  • This dry harsh land used to be home to the indigenous people of Botswana - the San or Bushman, and the Central Game Reserve is still home to the few remaining San. They have left us many reminders of that forgotten time and an experienced guide can teach you their way of life and culture and how they adapted to the environment in which they lived. 

  • Also found in the Reserve are many small salt pans, which produce interesting fossil sights as well as many of the ancient  now dry rivers. 


  • Game Viewing: Game viewing in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve  is one of the prime game viewing areas in Botswana during the wet season. During the summer months, a variety of antelope, such as springbok, gemsbok as well as zebra and wildebeest cover the vast grass plains comparable to the migration in Serengeti and Masai Mara. There are also cheetah, lion, black-backed jackal and brown-hyena to be seen in some parts of the park. Another rare animal in other parts of the world, which is seen quite often in this area is the barking gecko. 

  • Historic Trails: Bushmen remnants are everywhere to be found in this region which will teach you their way of life and culture and give you a few tips on how to survive in this harsh, remote environment. And the few remaining in the Reserve will provide with a trip back in time not to be forgotten. 

  • 4 x 4'ing: Venture into the 4x4 paradise of Africa, comparable to the desert of Namibia and the tough trails of South Africa. This harsh, untamed land will make any 4x4 enthusiasts heart race. Be sure to know where you are going and pack enough supplies and fuel to last your journey. Its a mean, inhospitable and sparsely uninhabited land out there.


As there are no accommodation establishments in the Kalahari region, you have to get back to nature and camp out in the open. It is recommended that you travel this area with an experienced guide and be sure to find out what and how much supplies you need.