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The Islands

Inhaca Island

This is the largest island in the gulf of Maputo. It is rather said to be a tropical island paradise than just a island. This magnificent paradise is situated 24 KM from the mainland. The refurbished Inhaca Hotel is situated in the Inhaca Village, a tiny settlement. 

Bazaruto Archipelago

Is a string of small sandy islands, and is about 20 KM from the mainland. The islands include Benguerra and Bazauto. This have become a upmarket haven for visitors. These islands are also some of Mozambique's most important habitats for marine animals.

Benguerra Island

This island lies just south of Bazaruto Island, and is only 15 KM in width. It's is one of the unspoilt islands with no roads nor vehicles. The only to be explore is the crystal white beaches and magnificent coral gardens. 

Bazaruto Island

This island is the largest of the Mozambique's islands, an exclusive paradise, and tranquil haven famous for its beauty. Bird life is abundant, with at lease 240 species on the land, and not to forget the angler, and diving and snorkelling fanatics. Here you can also find a number of fresh water lakes in the middle of the island, which are the habitat of some fresh water crocodiles.