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For the tourist wanting a total South African experience, Port Elizabeth is the perfect complement to the Garden Route, Settler Hinterland, Sunshine Coast and Cape. Located on the South Eastern coast of Africa, this major sea port and tourist destination is set along the beautiful shores of Algoa Bay, and is fondly referred to as the Friendly Eco-City. The city is the second largest city in terms of area and the fifth largest in terms of population in South Africa (1.1 million). The city is also an important centre for the South African motor industry. 
The area is Malaria Free. One of PE's greatest treasures are the clean beaches and warm water, making it an ideal water sport centre.
Temperatures are moderate all year round with rain scattered throughout the year. The summers are warm with a very temperate humidity level. Winters are mild and pleasant, and it is significant that water sports, even surfing, boardsailing and diving, are practised year-round. In all, the visitor soon discovers that the climate is one major contributor to the reputation of the area as offering an outstanding quality of life


  • PE has many historical attractions, one the most interesting being the Historic Donkin Heritage trail, which allows the visitor to follow in the footsteps of the 1820 Settlers on their journey of discovery and settlement. this 5 km trail visits 47 historical sites and architectural delights in the Old Hill area of central PE. 

  • Overseas tourists will be happy to hear that even at the seaside you can enjoy the awe inspiring wildlife of Africa, as there are a number of wildlife reserves in the area around PE. Just 73 km from the city is the exclusive, private Shamwari Game Reserve which is home to the "Big Five" of Africa. Early morning and evening game drives are available. 

  • Then there is the Addo Elephant Park, dedicated to the preservation of the Eastern Cape Elephant and the Cape Buffalo. There are other smaller reserves which are just as delightful and will prove a memorable African experience.  


  • The combination of calm waters and fair breezes are perfect conditions for sailing

  • The safe beaches allow for swimming, surfing, body boarding and any kind of water sport

  • Scuba diving enthusiasts can choose form a number of great spots with lots to see, such as ship wrecks, coral reefs and beautifully coloured fish in the warm waters with up 30 metres visibility. There are one day courses available as well as boat charters and gear for hire. 

  • Game watching in the nearby Nature Reserves

  • Hiking

  • Cycling

  • Movies and Theatres

  • Fine Dining

  • Colourful Nightlife

  • Ice Skating