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Romantically associated with the discovery of gold, it was officially declared a gold field in 1873 after the first alluvial discoveries. Today, a living museum, the entire town has been declared a national monument, and will take you back to the days of the old Transvaal Gold Rush. Attractions in and around the town include the Bourkes Luck Potholes - 14 km's outside Pilgrims Rest, where the Blyde and Treur River meets, it is a spectacular example of water erosion. The Cemetery Hill and Robbers Grave - A robber seen standing on this hill was shot where he stood and buried where he lay. And the Mac Mac Falls - The place where Scottish prospectors panned in 1872, below are the Mac Mac pools, where picnics and swimming are allowed. The recreational facilities and past-times include: Fishing:
Fishing in the Mpumalanga area is one of the best in South Africa. Hiking Trails: Follow the trails of the early prospectors on the way to find their fortune in the beautiful surroundings of Pilgrims Rest. Horse Riding, and the TGME Golf Club: Situated just outside Pilgrims Rest, it is one of the finest Club Houses around.