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Situated in Maputaland,   the north -eastern region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, adjoining the Mozambique border, Tembe Elephant National Park is home to over 150 African elephants and a rich diversity of wildlife - including the black rhino, white rhino, buffalo, hippo, leopard and various antelope species (four of the Big Five).  This untamed African Game Reserve in the Kingdom of the Zulu offers excellent birding with more than 340 bird species recorded in the park


  • BORDER CAVE Some of the earliest traces of our oldest ancestors - from whom all people in the world are descended - have been found in a rock shelter in a remote part of northern Maputaland. Remains dating back more than 150 000 years are believed to be the oldest known evidence of homosapiens, or anatomically modern humans.

  • The "Big Five"

  • Ndumo Game Reserve, established in 1924 to protect hippo, the pocket-sized Okavango, is special. Situated in Maputaland on the Mozambique border, 470km from Durban, Ndumo's 1000ha flood-plain comprises a delicate latticework of lakes

  • Lake Sibaya is the largest freshwater lake in Southern Africa. Sibaya used to be linked to the sea 5000 years ago, possibly by a Pongola River with different habits. Today, the lake is cut off by dunes and is topped up by rainwater and a small underground steam. Nevertheless, 10 species of marine fish remain in the lake, having adapted to fresh water.

  • Turtle watching along the coast from Kosi to Ponte de Oro at the Indian Ocean. (Seasonal)


  • Bird watching safaris

  • Day and night game drives

  • Safari Excursions

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving at prime dive venues - Kosi Bay, Black Rock, Rocktail Bay, Mabibi, Sodwana Bay.

  • Boat trips across the Kosi Lake System in the Kosi Bay Nature Reserve.

  • Fishing at Kosi Bay

  • Watch Zulu/Tonga dancers at the lodge who perform a variety of tribal songs and dances which are, for the most part, re-enactments of various African folklore stories.  

  • Have your fortune told by an African witch doctor - or Sangoma. The Sangoma performs the ritual "throwing of the bones" and, depending on how the bones land, they predict what the future holds...