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Springbok is a peaceful and crime-free town with a lot of nostalgia. It is the gateway to Namibia, as we are only 120 kms from the border at the Oranje River.
In 1684 Nama and Khoisan people arrived at the Castle in the Cape of Good Hope to sell their bangles and bracelets. Simon van der Stel believed they come from the Monomatapa of Africa, and started expeditions to the most western corner of the Northern Cape Province. Today this area is called “The Garden of the Gods” and is famous for the wondrous display of spring flowers that explode into bloom every August and September.
Copper was discovered on the farm Melkboschkuil in 1850. In 1852 the farm was bought from Long Kowie Cloete by the mining company Phillips and King, which later become known as Cape Copper Company.
The mine became the first commercial mine in South Africa, but was worked out by 1888.


  • Herero and Ovambo people, indigenous to Namibia, trade their grass baskets and wooden handmade crafts in Springbok.

  • Wild flowers during August / September

  • Augrabies Waterfall within a day-trip

  • Goegap Nature Reserve within 10 km


  • Orange river rafting

  • Richtersveld 4 X 4 experience +/- 150 km from Springbok - the largest mountain desert in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Take a drive to the Skilpad Wildflower Nature Reserve renowned for its stunning
    wild flower displays even when the rest of area is a bit disappointing.