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Hardly the small, desolate Kalahari town everyone envisions, Upington lies in a luscious, green, fertile oasis in the heart of the sun-baked Kalahari landscape, the Orange River Valley. It boasts beautiful plant life in the form of majestic trees, gardens and rose bushes. The Orange River and its never-ending supply of water is responsible for the towns agricultural, economic and tourism success. It also offers relaxation and entertainment for locals and visitors. 


  • The Mighty Kalahari Discover the unspoilt beauty of this less travelled region. Hunting, hiking and sightseeing are a few of they many activities available to keep you busy. 

  • The Orange River Wine Cellars The second largest wine co-operative in the world. Tours and wine tasting are offered to visitors. Prior arrangements must be made. 

  • Kalahari Gemsbok National Park Game viewing at its best. 

  • Augrabies Waterfall Named by the Khoi people, Augrabies, meaning "Place of great Noise". It is truly a spectacular sight to see the Orange River cascading 60m down in a mighty waterfall.

  • Spitskop Nature Reserve 13km's from Upington, it offers wonderful game viewing and bird watching. 

  • The Cotton Ginnery At the Dried Fruit Co, where hundreds of raisins and sultanas are packed daily.


  • The  Annual Raisin Festival - Once a year, every year. 

  • Camel Rides - An experience not to be missed with these smelly, rather cute creatures. 

  • River Rafting - Join in this fun sport with experienced and well trained guides. 

  • 4X4 Trails - Experience the diversity of this region on a rugged, challenging 4x4 trail.

  • Klipspringer Hiking Trail - This 40km trail can be undertaken between April and October. 

  • Game viewing is arranged and mountain bikes and canoes can be rented.