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Pietersburg was founded in 1886 by Voortrekkers who had been forced to abandon their camp by malaria and "hostile natives".
Wide streets, jacaranda and coral trees, colourful parks and sparkling fountains characterise the principal town and capital of the Northern Province. In addition to its status as a major commercial and agricultural centre, Pietersburg is the cultural hub of the region, featuring impressive art exhibitions and elegant historical buildings.
Strategically placed on the Great North Road, and halfway between Pretoria and the Zimbabwean border, this attractive city is an ideal base from which to explore.
Winters in Pietersburg are mild with little or no rainfall and summers are warm with a fair amount of rain.


  • Bakoni Malapa Northern Sotho Open-air Museum The traditional as well as modern way of living of the Bakoni tribe is shown in two lapas

  • Chuene Crocodile Farm

  • Concentration Camp Cemetery The camp was set up during the Anglo-Boer War and housed almost 4000 people

  • Eersteling Monuments The first gold crushing site and the first gold power plant in South Africa

  • Hugh Exton Photographic Museum A collection of 23 000 glass negatives taken by the photographer Hugh Exton is housed in the first NG church in Pietersburg.  The negatives captured the first 50 years of the city

  • Makapan Caves Famed for its yield of fossils and the siege of General Potgieter and  the Black tribesmen for 30 days.  Potgieter himself was killed as well as 1 500 tribesmen

  • Pietersburg Bird and Reptile Park

  • Pietersburg Museum The history of Pietersburg and its environment is displayed in a declared national monument building.  Exhibits cover the Stone-age period, the proclamation of Pietersburg in 1886 and the obtaining of municipal status in 1903


  • Farmyard Visit the Farmyard for Fresh home baked products, fruit and vegetables

  • Hunting

  • Knott's Trail Camp Experience the call of the bush around a camp fire or at the swimming-pool

  • Pietersburg Hiking Trail Enjoy the architectural growth and development of Pietersburg since the previous century. 

  • Ebenezer Dam For watersport enthusiast

  • Kruger National Park for the ultimate experience in game watching

  • Watch the latest movies at Ster-Kinekor