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To adventurers and explorers travelling North of Pretoria during the last century, a rolling cloud of steam rising over the veld was the telltale sign that they were nearing the hot mineral springs known as Het Bad ("the bath"). Today Warmbaths is one of the best known holiday and health resorts in the country. The mineral springs at Warmbaths bubble out of the earth at approximately 22 000 liters per hour and the waters (temperature 49 C) are rich in dissolved salts.
Pleasant, mild winters and an average of 286 sunny days every year make Warmbaths your ideal holiday destination.


  • Buyskop a landmark ruin that provides evidence that sandstone was removed to build the Union Building's in Pretoria.
  • British Blockhouse Which was erected to protect the railway line during the Anglo-Boer war.
  • Historical Graves believed to be from the time of the "The Great Trek"
  • Mokopa Reptile Park this reptile park has every reptile you can imagine
  • Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm the largest Crocodile farm in South Africa that is open to the public


  • Hiking / Biking Trail A breath taking trail over the mountains at the Warmbaths Dam is available for weekend hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts

  • 4 x 4 routes for the 4x4 enthusiast, Warmbaths offers great adventure. We offer one day trips over stunning mountains with superb views

  • Power boat rides 

  • Rock climbing 

  • Abseiling