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Cape Town is situated on the far South Western tip of Africa, about 1600 km from Johannesburg. Tourism in Cape Town peaks between November and March when the city lazes through mid summer. The Mother City has a bustling nightlife that includes restaurants of all kinds, and many clubs and pubs spread around the city. Cape Town is unique. It has an architecture and lifestyle which are broadly cosmopolitan yet quintessentially Capetonian. But that's just the physical base. The city has grown a soul and an adventurous spirit. With a diversity of people and landscapes - from the mountains, lush indigenous gardens to sandy beaches, the Mother City is the perfect place for the adventurous spirit to live out its wildest fancies. 

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate. In summer it is usually pleasantly warm. The hottest days are often cooled by pleasant breezes or strong winds. The winters are cool and wet, but the temperature hardly ever falls below 10° C.