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Bulawayo, the second major city in Zimbabwe, is a spacious and attractive city with tree-lined boulevards with their mixture of old colonial and modern architecture. Once home to the dynasty of Ndebele kings, today it is one of the country's major tourist, commercial and industrial centres. Bulawayo markets itself as the cultural and historical centre of Zimbabwe, owing to the incredible wealth of historical attractions around the area, including the grave of Cecil John Rhodes. The Bulawayo district has many associations with the early colonial era during the reign of Queen Victoria as well as with the blood-stained history of two remarkable African Kings. 


  • The Matobo National Park. Covering an area of 2000 sq km, it contains fantastic rock formations, Bushmen painted caves and game game park with a variety of game. Bird Life is prolific and includes the world's largest concentration of Black Eagles. 

  • On the hill "Malindidzimu", the legendary place of benevolent spirits, also known as "View of the World", are the tombs of Cecil John Rhodes, Leander Starr Jameson, Sir James Coghan and the Allan Wilson Memorial. 

  • The many historical buildings and remnants of an African heritage left behind by great kings and their tribes.


  • There are many sporting/social clubs where on can play squash, golf cricket and rugby. Visitors are welcome at all clubs. 

  • There are several excellent golf courses 

  • As well as three large football stadiums where matches are played every weekend. Bulawayo has produced some outstanding footballers such as Peter and Adam Ndlovu who are currently playing for UK and European clubs. 

  • Horse racing takes place every other Sunday. 

  • There is an Olympic sized hockey stadium. 

  • Bulawayo has its own theatre, television and radio station and an Academy of music where regular performances take place in its concert hall by the local Symphony orchestra and visiting international musicians. 

  • There are several cinemas as well as pubs, nightclubs and excellent restaurants catering for most tastes.