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Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and few African capitals make such a deep impression on the visitor as this city does. With its modern high rise buildings and vibrant cultural scene and dozens of interesting places to visit. The city is laid out on a grid pattern, which makes it easier to explore the wide jacaranda lined avenues by foot. It is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, night clubs and restaurants to suit everyone's budget. Named after a local hereditary leader who used to live on a hill overlooking the city. Founded in 1890 by the pioneer corps of Cecil John Rhodes, Harare was first named after the British prime minister Lord Salisbury. Over the years the name changed from Fort Salisbury to Salisbury and finally to Harare in 1982 after Zimbabwe gained its independence.


  • Attractions in the city include many old historical buildings which have been preserved, as well as many modern structures such as the National Gallery and the National Archives. 

  • The Gallery houses not only a valuable and interesting national collection but also hosts travelling international exhibitions and has a permanent display of some outstanding Shona soft-stone carvings. The gallery can take considerable credit for this achievement. It has played a crucial role, over recent decades, in helping promote, to the present high level of artistic excellence, the works which may be seen today. 

  • The Archives houses the priceless collection of Rhodesiana and Africana in the form of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins, that are housed in the National Archives. Here will he found original works of some of the greatest names in African exploration and missionary endeavour. 

  • Other institutions which are well worth visiting include the Queen Victoria Museum and the Queen Victoria National Library, both at the Civic Centre in Rotten Row.  

  • Larvon Bird Gardens This is home to hundreds of species of local and exotic birds. 

  • Snake World Here you will get a close up look at some of the most venomous snakes in the world such as cobra, puff adder and black mambas. 

  • Ewanrig Botanic Gardens This park is well renowned for its collection of aloes, cacti and other succulents in the woodlands. 

  • Lion & Cheetah Park After a short drive out Harare you will get to see the lion and cheetah in their natural habitat.