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Hwange is the largest and probably the most popular National Park in Zimbabwe, and one of the biggest in Africa. With a land area of more than 14 000 sq. km, the park boasts over a hundred species of animal and four hundred species of bird life. Hwange is also one of the few great elephant sanctuaries in Africa. The park has an interesting variety of landscapes with one part running alongside the North-eastern end of the Kalahari desert. The south is sandy with extensive forests and open grassland. A feature of the area is ancient fossil dunes - ancient sand dunes held together by vegetation. Hwange National Park is situated between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, and is easily accessible by air or by road.


  • The park itself is a great attraction, there are many fossil sights to visit.


  • The park has excellent game viewing and bird watching. These excursions are usually organised by your place of accommodation.