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A very special surfing destination of primitive beauty and perfect waves, G-LAND is located in Grajagan Bay, East-Java Indonesia in a very large National Park.

It is home to many different species of wildlife including panther, leopard, monkeys, deer, reptiles and exotic birds. The camp is situated on the beach, directly in front of the famous 'Speed Reef' section of the G-LAND surf break. Behind the camp is dense tropical jungle, access to the camp is only by boat, there are no roads, no hotels. Jungle Beach Village is open to LIMITED NUMBERS ONLY - so the waves are not crowded. This is a place where you can surf all day long, - eat, drink, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. G-LAND is the most consistent left - hander in the known surfing world.

Surfing G-LAND......

G-LAND is a paradise for surfers, the waves is very long and breaks for nearly 1 Kilometre along the coral reef. G-LAND is a surfing break with variety - from carving at KONG'S, flying through MONEYTREES & LAUNCHING PADS to the gutwrenching barrels of the famous SPEED REEF. From May to November the south east tradewind is offshore EVERYDAY and there is always SWELL - it is seldom that G-LAND is under 4', maximum size is about 10'. Most days you will find perfect 6' waves, and you can surf at low or high tide.
* NOTE : There are 2 other surfbreaks in the area TIGER TRAILS (Right 4'-6') and 20/20's (left 4'-5'), both of these waves are surfable most days and when G-LAND is over 6 ft, these breaks start firing.

G-LAND is a long fast wave typical of most Indonesian waves. Suggested surfboard length 6'8" - 7'2" GUN. You should bring 2 surfboards as it is possible to break surfboards at G-LAND, so be prepared. BOOTIES - are advised (for low tide) getting in and out of water. LEGROPES, GATH HELMETS - are a very good investment.

Travelling to G-LAND......

Travel to G-LAND is easy, our minibus driver will pick you up from your hotel or accommodation late evening. From there it's an overnight drive via Gilimanuk and ferry to Java, arriving at dawn at Grajagan village. Next is a 25 minutes speedboat ride, arriving at JUNGLE BEACH VILLAGE G-LAND in the early morning for breakfast and then hit the surf for some hot waves. On your return trip from G-LAND you will arrive back in Bali in the early evening, our driver will drop you at your accommodation. Should you require we can arrange accommodation for you before and after your trip to G-LAND.


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