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This island is not your average tropical island - sure, there are beaches
and coconut palms, but it's not typical of this island!
Warm air throughout the year -  the ideal location where different worlds
Reunion was discovered at the beginning of the 16th century and in 1646 the first inhabitants set foot on this idyllic island. Until 1946 Reunion has gradually changed - but only around the towns. Over the years the streets were paved and later tarred, with cars replacing the historic carriages. The island got it's first railway line in 1882 which linked Saint-Pierre to Saint-Benoit via Saint-Denis.
Geographically speaking, Reunion's birth began 3 million years ago as a peak which built up slowly from a depth of four thousand metres, rising in four successive stages to a towering peak of more than four thousand metres high. 500 000 years ago, a new volcanic massif appeared on the souh-eastern side - it still spews out it's lava almost every year and is slowly, patiently building Reunion
The average temperatures and sunshine consists of:
East Coast (windward):-  Feb: 26 ...  Aug: 20,5 and sunshine 6 hr
West Coast (leeward):-  Feb: 27,5 ... Aug: 21,5 and sunshine 7 hr 30
At 1500 m altitude: Feb.: 16,5 ...  Aug: 10 and sunshine 6 hr